Fall 2020 Meeting

The fall 2020 meeting of the Concord River Deanery will take place in September. Due to the pandemic, details may change. We may meet virtually.

Our recent practice is to gather between 6 and 6:30 pm for a light supper. We have been meeting at St. Peter’s Church. During the meeting, we review and approve deanery grants and look at other issues of interest to our area.
St. Peter’s is along Route 20 west of Rt 128 near Weston center.

Evening Agenda

6:00 – 6:30 Gathering, sign-in and light supper
6:40 Opening Prayer
6:45 Meeting start
Quick introductions
6:50 Reports

Report from Diocesan Council

            Parish and deanery news and events                        Sarah Robins-Cole

Report on MetroWest Mission Hub – Lori Mills-Curran

8:00 Election of Deanery Officers                Bill Carnes

  • Treasurer (1 year term, renewable)
  • Clerk (1 year term, renewable)
  • Co-Convenors – Bill Carnes, Claudette Hunt
  • Phil Labelle to diocesan council

Deanery approval of Sending, Serving and House of Mercy Grants      Sarah Robins-Cole

8:20 Date for April 2020 meeting and Questions

8:30 Adjournment with prayer

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